Lavaca Area Moms, Inc. Founder, Paula Cunningham and son during swim instruction session

Our Survival Swim Lesson Program teaches children six months to eight years old skills that can help them when they’re in the water — whether it be in a pool, at the beach, or even in the bathtub. The program starts by teaching infants the mechanics of floating correctly. With the floating lessons, young participants start on their back in a full float, get a full breath of air and flip over so they’re on their bellies. After the floating lessons, the program progresses.

Throughout the program, children also practice swimming with clothes on, since this situation may occur if they accidentally fall into a pool or other body of water. Parents also participate in one or two lessons per week, which encourages families to practice the survival lessons we teach at home.

We’re dedicated to providing children and families with survival swim lessons. The instructors go through rigorous training to ensure they provide the best instruction to young participants. ISR also has elevated certification standards than other infant swim programs. We intensely focus on the safety aspect of swimming and our training is more extensive since instructors must get re-certified every year.

Every day, two children under the age of 14 die as a result of accidental drowning. Even when the result isn’t fatal, many children can end up in the ER and suffer serious injuries as a result of these incidents. That’s why it’s so critical to teach children how to swim. A world-renowned program for more than 50 years, ISR, or Infant Swimming Resource, has provided survival swim lessons to children across the country.

With our ISR program, children can learn lifesaving swim techniques beginning when they are six months old. In addition to the lessons we wish to provide the community, we will also develop a program that offers a free home pool safety inspection to check safety barricades and ensure a pool isn’t easily accessible for young members of families. This service is another potentially lifesaving resource for families with young children.


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